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Little Billy Vampire
by Scotti
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  • Welcome to Little Billy's website!
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  • Scotti, my great designer!
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Little Billy Vampire

You’ve arrived at the home of Little Billy Vampire!

Thanks for stopping by… BTW, you’re perfectly safe here - I promise not to bite!

Out of the goodness of my no-longer beating heart, I graciously allow Scotti, my resident designer and arrtist, to share my web site. You can read all about the neat graphic stuff he does, not to mention seeing lots of examples of his awesome creation on his Portfolio page.
Please look around! There's a lot of stuff to look at. You can share my adventures on the Little Billy Cartoons page.

Want to know about me and my friends and not-so-friends? You can do that, too, on the Characters page. You can also catch up with their thoughts and opinions.

We can chat as well - use my Contact Page to send me, or even Scotti, a message!

Little Billy

Graham is my bestest friend!

Everyone should have a special friend - Little Billy's is a totally obnoxious dog known as Graham! Graham graciously allows Scotti and Bryan to live with him, to feed and pamper him, and allow him to do doggy stuff in their back yard and, sigh, yes, sometimes in their house (no, not really their house - it’s actually Graham's house).

Graham moved in with Little Billy! Check him out here!

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Little Billy’s
Demoniacal Alphabet

Little Billy Exclusive!

The Little Billy Demoniacal Alphabet… The letter “D” has arrived.

Check it out!

Now! 194 adventures all about ME that you should so love!

All of Little Billy’s friends are here - with a giant thank you to all of you weirdly lovable humans, ghouls, zombies, vampires, undead, Graham, and, of course, all the rest of you, of whatever persuasion!
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What am I up to now??? Check it out!

See more of Billy's adventures here!
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